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Boost your life daily: Everyday Habit Transformation class!

Unlock your full potential and transform your life with our engaging  group program. Gain and apply mindset, nutrition and movement tools daily!

Everyday Habit Transformation class: 5 LIVE 45min sessions per week in which you will boost your life from day one!

Experience the Power of Group Coaching and Daily Action! 

Accountability and Results: Achieve Your Goals!

If you're feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed, or stuck in a rut, my program can help. I provide the support, guidance, and tools you need to overcome mental blocks, set clear goals, and achieve lasting results!

Are you ready to transform your life?, Take action and join the Everyday Habit Transformation Class today!!

Nothing changes without action!


  • Unleash your potential by overcoming mental blocks that hold you back.

  • Establish and achieve weekly Goals with proven strategies!

  • Develop sustainable and healthy habits through daily action

  • Boost your focus & energy with powerful breathing techniques

  • Experience lasting change with the support of a like-minded community! BOOST YOUR LIFE!

  • Join now for a FREE WEEK!!

    Client Testimonials: Real people, real results!

    Success Stories: See how others transformed their lives.


    'I never thought this program could be so transformative! After participating, I'm happy to share that my life has completely changed.'


    "I was initially skeptical about making a big life change. However, with Pao's guidance and support, I went from feeling overwhelmed to feeling confident and empowered. Thank you, Pao!"

    Claudia Enriquez

    "Feeling constantly stressed and overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list, I knew I needed a change. The 123Pao program was a game-changer. It helped me develop new habits that have brought more calmness and structure into my daily life."

    Claudia Valdes

    "Before joining 123 Pao, I felt overwhelmed and unsure how to manage the challenges in my life. The program provided the accountability, mindset tools, nutrition guidance, and movement strategies I needed to overcome these obstacles. I'm now able to do the things I love again!"


    "Pao's ongoing support and guidance were invaluable throughout the program. I've not only lost 26.5 pounds (12 kg), but I've also developed healthier habits that I can maintain for the long term. Before, I struggled with exercising and relied heavily on unhealthy food choices. Now, I feel empowered to make positive choices about my health and well-being."

    The Everyday TRANSFORMATION Class package includes:

  • 5 - 45min sessions per week where you will learn and practice during class Monday through Friday

  • Weekly growth/success assignments

  • Self-discovery exercises to keep you on track to successfully continue the program

  • Techniques to boost your energy

  • Daily text support during business hours between sessions (via WhatsApp)

  • If you are ready to boost your energy, solve your problems, have more clarity, make better decisions and the most important TO BE HAPPY you need to take action!

    Yes! Reserve My Place Now
    USD $77 per month

    Reserve Your Place Now and Get these FREE Bonuses

    Bonus 1# - Recipe Book

    Make your life easier and start your day with energy!
    Total Value: $47.00
    • If you’re looking for a quick and healthy dish, look no further. These recipes take less than 5 minutes to make and will nourish your mind and body!

    Bonus #2 - Template to Track your progress

    tracking helps you figure out where you’re currently at, which is the first step in figuring out whether you’re making progress
    Total Value: $39.00

    What is this template for?

    • It can feel a bit suffocating, but it’s often necessary to take a step back to figure out whether or not we’re really making progress. Tracking helps you figure out where you’re currently at, which is the first step in figuring out whether you’re making progress.

    Bonus #3 Recorded affirmations

    Affirmations for abundance, prosperity and love

    Total Value: $39.99
    • Change your negative thought patterns into positive ones

    • Influence your subconscious mind to access new beliefs

    • Motivate you to act

    • Improves your self- esteem

    • Improve your productivity

    • When repeating affirmations over and over again, they begon to take charge of your thoughts, slowly changing your patter of thinking and ultimately changing your life.

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