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Transform your life!

Untangle your brain

Experience life transformation with my powerful one-on-one VIP personalized coaching, a proven 90-day methodology. 

Learn how to accomplish goals, achieve emotional health and start creating new habits that last

Start your transformation today!

What is this program for?

Low Energy 

learn how to improve your energy levels implementing new tools every day

chronic anxiety

You will become a new version of yourself, which does not live with constant pressure


leave behind all the mental blocks that prevent you from improving in all areas of your life

90 days to transform your life!

If your life is not flowing the way you want and feel this way and you are ready for a change, this program is for you! 90 days to transform your life and move to “Endorfina state”

What My Clients Say About Me

Real testimonials! These are some of my clients who have experienced my 90 day program and with my personal coaching I helped them to transform their lives and get to the next level

Elizabeth Stenstrom

"I am 67 years old.. and I can’t believe that with 123Pao program I lost 20 pounds that I had been trying to loose weight since 20 years ago! ... I was obsessed of eating heathy food and not any single pound was coming off! THANK YOU PAO!"

Felicia Stacker

“I am a Sales Director and single mom, My main concern was that I had no time to exercise meditate or work on myself, I was always on the go, go ,go!....With this program I was able to gain time! , lose 49 pounds and have better relationship with everyone around me”

Carlos García

“Accountability was the #1 thing that Pao brought to the table. “Before the 123Pao I had the impression that could do anything on my own, or I had all the answers… and deep down I knew I didn’t”

Billy Clark

“Before working with Pao, I had no idea what to do… I have better foundation now! Happiness, energy, clarity of mind! My base has increased and she was always there. This program has changed my life!”

The 90 days package includes

  • 12 One-to-One trainings of 60 mins

  • Weekly growth/success assignments

  • Handouts with specific information and self-discovery exercises to keep you on track to successfully continue the program

  • Meditations

  • Breathing exercises to calm your anxiety and mind

  • Daily text support during business hours between sessions (via WhatsApp)

  • All bonuses Limited time special offer

  • If you are ready to start your transformation to get to the next level and be happier! 

    Take action, remember together we are stronger!

    Buy Now!
    One Pament of $3,200

    Reserve Your Place Now and Get these FREE Bonuses

    Bonus #1 - Everyday Transformation

    Evergreen sessions for 6 months in group
    Total Value: $1,800
    • Have an everyday accountability! You are not alone!

    • Establish measurable weekly goals, move forward and excel in your life

    • Learn and practice the power of breathing

    • Have more clarity, Untangle your brain and BE HAPPY!

    Bonus #2 - Get 2 SRT Sessions

    One on one sessions to live a better life clearing your emotional and mental blocks

    Total Value: $300.00

    what are these sessions for?

    • Release mental and emotional blocks from your subconscious mind and LIVE A BETTER LIFE & feel different after having the first session

    • Have more clarity

    • Be more focus!

    Bonus #3 - Template to track your progress

    tracking helps you figure out where you’re currently at, which is the first step in figuring out whether you’re making progress
    Total Value: $39.00

    What is this template for?

    • It can feel a bit suffocating, but it’s often necessary to take a step back to figure out whether or not we’re really making progress. Tracking helps you figure out where you’re currently at, which is the first step in figuring out whether you’re making progress.

    Bonus #4 - Smoothie recipe book

    Make your life easier and start your day with energy!
    Total Value: $47.00
    • If you’re looking for a quick and healthy dish, look no further. These recipes take less than 5 minutes to make and will nourish your mind and body!

    Bonus #5 Recorded affirmations

    Affirmations for abundance, prosperity and love

    Total Value: $39.99
    • Change your negative thought patterns into positive ones

    • Influence your subconscious mind to access new beliefs

    • Motivate you to act

    • Improves your self- esteem

    • Improve your productivity

    • When repeating affirmations over and over again, they begon to take charge of your thoughts, slowly changing your patter of thinking and ultimately changing your life.

    Bonus #6 - 3 Day no excuses class

    Learn powerful information on your own pace how to release blocks from your subconscious mind

    Total Value: $9.00
    • Practice new strategies over and over again and change your life without any pressure

      You can review these mindset, nutrition and movement tools as many times you want and every time you practice them will be a different experience!

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