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Feeling stuck? Chronic anxiety and low energy draining your life force?

I can teach you how to UNTANGLE YOUR BRAIN! 

I can help! As your guide, I empower individuals to break free and unlock their full potential using my 123Pao Formula: a unique blend of daily mindset, movement, and nutrition tools!.

Witness positive changes in body, mind, and spirit - starting day one!

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The formula to change your life!

I have spent more than 10 years gathering mindset, nutrition and movement tools to create my 123 Pao Formula to transform people's lives through my programs

It is a set of tools that if applied every single day, your life changes radically and allows you to enter to the "Endorfina State" where you have more energy, clarity and you are happier. These tools are focused on 3 pillars:


Master your thoughts & emotions for mental clarity and happiness.


Fuel your body and mind for optimal energy and well-being through healthy eating habits and mindful practices. 


Boost your energy & well-being with movement and breathing exercises.

Powerful Programs

Transform Like Many Others: Daily Tools for Body, Mind & Energy!

 Unlock your daily Power: Everyday Habit Transformation Class (Group) 

Everyday Habit Transformation class (EHT) is powered by 123Pao Formula & Shakti Naam Yoga!

Transform your daily routine! Join our engaging 45-minute group class held Monday-Friday. Learn powerful mindset, movement, and nutrition tools that you can apply daily and start experiencing positive changes in your well-being.

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10 LIFETIME on demand classes!

 SRT - Subconscious Release Technique Breakthrough one-one Sessions!

Ready to break free and experience a surge of possibility? SRT is a unique energy clearing technique designed to instantly clear mental and emotional blocks from your subconscious mind and energy field.

Releasing limitations and seeing life with fresh eyes, overflowing with new opportunities! SRT can help you achieve just in one session!

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  90 Days 1:1 Vip Program   

Experience life transformation with my powerful personalized coaching!

In 90 days transform your life! Using 123Pao formula untangle your brain, accomplish goals, achieve emotional health and create new habits that last! I'll work together and tailor this program based on your needs!

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Hi, I´m Pao.  

 I'm Pao Ortega I am Health & Life Coach and founder of Endorfina, a wellness company.   

I work with people who feel stuck, with chronic anxiety and with low energy. I help them because I was there 10 years ago! I had a terrible depression, I was really in a black hole! I teach people:

  •  How to Untangle their Brain and create new habits that last, little by little! Once I learned "small hinges can move HUGE DOORS!"
  •  Achieve emotional health through my 123Pao formula, a set of Mindset, Nutrition and Movement tools that IF YOU APPLY them every day your life will change! Yes or Yes!

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