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UNTANGLE YOUR BRAIN! Get unstuck, and eliminate chronic anxiety and low energy!

I change people's lives by teaching them how to untangle their brain, using daily mindset, movement and nutrition tools that will allow to experience transformation in body, mind, and energy since day one!

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The formula to change your life

I have spent more than 7 years gathering mindset, nutrition and movement tools to create my 123 Pao Formula to transform people's lives through my programs

It is a set of tools that if applied every single day, your life changes radically and allows you to enter to the "Endorfina State" where you have more energy, clarity and you are happier. These tools are focused on 3 pillars:


The power of learning mindset tools to untangle the mental blocks, control of your thoughts, have mental clarity, and have a happier life.


Detox and give your mind & body with the right fuel! Learn tools to eat healthy and start and boost your day with energy


One foot in front of the other! Learn how to change the chemistry in your body to create energy with movement and Breathing exercises

Powerful Programs

By following these programs, a lot of people have experienced transformation in body, mind, and energy using specific tools on a daily basis

 Everyday Transformation Class (Group)   

Improve your life every day with a group!

45min class from Monday to Friday where you will learn mindset, movement and nutrition tools that we will apply daily and right there you will experience a boost in your life!

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  SRT - Subconscious Release Technique  One on One sessions 

Release mental and emotional blocks to flow better and see the new opportunities in your life!

It is one of a kind energy clearing technique that instantly clears mental and emotional blocks from the subconscious mind and energy field

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  90 Days 1:1 Vip Program   

Experience life transformation with my powerful personalized coaching!

In 90 days transform your life! Using 123Pao formula untangle your brain, accomplish goals, achieve emotional health and create new habits that last

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Hi, I´m Pao.  

 I'm Pao Ortega I am Health & Life Coach and founder of Endorfina, a wellness company.   

I work with people who 

feel stuck, with chronic anxiety and with low energy. I help them because I was there 7 years ago!     I had a terrible depression, I was really in a black hole!

I teach people:

  •  - How to Untangle their Brain and create new habits that last
  •  - Achieve emotional health through my 123Pao formula, a set of Mindset, Nutrition and Movement tools that if you apply them every day your life will change!

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Untangle your Brain and experience transformation and happiness by following these 3 simple steps every day and start your day with energy and clarity

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